Alzirr is a modern company operating and delivering top-quality projects throughout Europe in the generic medicines field.

Our client-oriented and expertise-driven solutions make us the perfect partners for the development of dossiers and other services for generic medicines, from the selection of the active principle to the final drugs distribution.

Our customers trust us with their projects and needs: Alzirr follows every client step by step, providing full support to its partners, from the early stages of the project, throughout the development, and until the launch and the distribution of the new drug. Our highly-qualified staff will take care of every detail, including verification of the compliance with the latest guidelines and preparing the paperwork needed for the certification.

We’ve been working with cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies all over Europe, developing new generic medicines, putting to use years of research to bring on the European market top quality products. We are also a key partner for clients who intend to start a new pharmaceutical business, to which we can provide the infrastructures as well as invaluable know-how.

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Our pharmaceuticals division works with cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative top-quality products. Indeed, thanks to the work...

Generic medicines require specialist skills.
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