Discover our Nitro Patch

Our pharmaceuticals division works with cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies to develop innovative top-quality products. Indeed, thanks to the work of our team of specialists and the collaboration of our partners, we brought on the European generic medicines market our Nitro Patch.

nitropatchNitro Patch is a nitroglycerin band aid, introduced for the first time in Europe by Alzirr, after years of research approved by FDA (the US Food and Drugs Administration) and European institutions. The structure of the patch has been designed to put the active ingredient directly within the adhesive layer that adheres to the skin. Once the patch is placed on the skin, a three-dimensional matrix manages the speed of the transfer, significantly affecting the release of the active ingredient, depending on the overall dosage.

The absorption of the active ingredient is optimal, reaching its maximum concentration in the plasma about two hours after the application of the band aid, and showing a constant plasma concentration within 24 hours.

In the specific case of the Nitroglycerin, which is used for the treatment and prophylaxis of angina pectoris, the transdermal releasing system is a perfect solution since the drug acts within low plasma concentraion levels. The same can be said for all the lipophilic drugs. 

The Nitro Patch is a little masterpiece in the bio-engineering field, preventing a variety of drawbacks related to oral usage, to self-regulation of the drug consumption, active ingredient fluctuation over time, and more. >Find out more about Nitro Patch