Renewable Energy Solutions

Our renewable energy division carries out specific environmental analysis for different purposes and develops renewable energy solutions, together with providing consulting service for EPC’s and investors.

Our renewable energy solutions include solar parks and wind farms, innovative storage systems for electricity and thermal energy, to be implemented for industrial as well as tourism-related applications. Our team also provides consulting for energy efficiency issues and our R&D department works to develop new products such as hybrid systems. Our aim is always to provide top-quality solutions that ensure the maximum efficiency (in terms of economic saving as well) and independence from external energy suppliers.

As far as photovoltaic systems are concerned, we realize medium- and large-size plants, taking care of every step of the project: from the development to the permissions and certifications required for construction, from the planning to the project management, from operation&maintenance services to energy storage and management.

We offer turnkey projects (>1 MW) for wind farms with 50-60-kw wind turbines, with feed-in tariff, as well as solar parks in grid party with a 10-15% cash flow. Our applications include hybrid systems as well.

Our staff is also expert in developing thermal solar systems for heating, cooling and sanitary applications both for residential and business solutions, and keeps researching in order to provide customers with the best available technology to ensure maximum energetic efficiency.

We take care of supplying every tool and element of our plants: photovoltaic modules, wind turbines, solar energy collectors, energy storage systems, LED lighting, energy saving, remote control and efficiency systems. 

Our potential customers include private equity and institutional stakeholders, public administration, industrial and tourist activities, as well as private citizens and condominiums.